Green Mining Innovation, formerly known as Goldstar Minerals Inc. The stock symbol of GMI, which will be traded on the TSX-V Venture Exchange, is a mining exploration company dedicated to mineral exploration in Canada with a genuine concern for environmental protection. Its four main properties are located in regions globally recognized for their significant deposits of base metals and precious metals. These regions are located in Quebec and Newfoundland in Canada.

Our management team, with the knowledge gained through many years of experience in overseas regions, is in a constant process of evaluation to acquire new high-quality projects.

GMI creates shareholder value through the acquisition, exploration, and development of mining projects in a sustainable development context. In order to fulfill its mission, GMI continues the exploration and prioritizes the development of the I.M.V. project.

GREEN MINING INNOVATION is a new Quebec-based company that aspires to discover, exploit and transform various essential metals in our daily lives. GMI will adopt an innovative, environmentally friendly, and environmentally respectful working method.


+1 581-983-6815

808 Av. Sir Adolphe Routhier
Québec, QC, CANADA
G1S 3P3

Purpose and commitments

By its activity, GMI aims to contribute to the fight against global warming by developing and using green and zero-carbon electricity for all; to the preservation of resources through recycling, and to health through the use of barite, particularly in the fight against cancer.

These major issues of the 21st century are at the heart of our “ raison d’être “

The managers of the GMI project want to demonstrate that coexistence between mines and the environment is possible and essential in our daily lives.

This is the legacy we want to leave to future generations!

Goldstar Minerals reaches target with closing of $550,000 private placement
Goldstar Minerals reaches target with closing of $550,000 private placement

Goldstar Minerals reaches target with closing of $550,000 private placement

QUEBEC CITY, Aug. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Goldstar Minerals Inc. (“Goldstar” or the “Corporation”) (TSX-V : GDM) announces that it has just closed its $550,000 private placement. On May 11, 2023, the Corporation announced that it would proceed with a $500,000...

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